Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dictionary Menu Item

Hi Friends,

I developed a Dictionary Menu Item.

Dictionary MenuItem

This is Extension to the Internet Explorer ContextMenu.

It will allow the Internet Reader to find out the Dictionary Meaning of any word selected by him/her.

For that purpose, it provides a Addon MenuItem "Means" into the Internet Explorer ContextMenu.

How to use?

Just run the setup!

[After completion of installation]

1. Open Internet Browser.

2. Select a word to find out its meaning.

3. Right click on it, you will get a ContextMenu.

4. Click on the menuitem "Means".

Thats it!!

n You get Alert containg the Dictionary Meaning of that selected word!!

[Support: for IE4.0 and later versions]

Your comments are most welcome!!


Mahesh Lambe