Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vande Mataram - Maa Tujhe Salaam (A.R.Rahman)

Happy Independence Day!!

~Mahesh Lambe


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Vote For Taj...Taj Anthem by A.R. Rehman

Mausam Aate jaate Hain
Sadiyaan Aateen Jaateen Hain
Kuchh Cheezen Rahjaateen Hain Yaad Mein
Wo Din Wo Raaj Kahaan Hai
Naaz-O-Andaaz Kahaan Hai
Naghmen Hain Aaj Sada Ke Saath Mein
Koi Kahta Hai
Jeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Daulat Mein Hai
Koi Kahta Hai
Jeene Ka Maqsad Yahaan Inayat Mein Hai
Mujhse Jo Koi Ye Poochhe
Kyon Na Kahun Zindagi Ki karaamat
Mohabbat Mein Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum �.Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Sada Dil Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tnana Nana-Jhum�Tana Nana Nana
Ek Sada Rab Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum�. Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Mohabbat Hai
Radha Krishna Ki Mohabbat
Aadam Haua Ki Mohabbat
Heer Aur Ranjha Ki Mohabbat �..Ek Hai
Shaah Jahaan Mumtaaz Ki Mohabbat
Laila Majnu ki Mohabbat
Teri Aur Meri Mohabbat Ek�2
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum �.Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Sada Dil Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tnana Nana-Jhum�Tana Nana Nana
Ek Sada Rab Hai
Jhum Jhum-Tana Nana-Jhum �.Tana Nana-Jhum
Ek Mohabbat Hai
Deevane Mohabbat Ke Hain- Jo
Hai Un Ko Pahla Salam
Tohfa Mohabbat Ka Hai jo
Har Dil Ka Usko Salam

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mahiya Song...

I'm lovin it!!

Just chk it out...

Mahiya Song


Microsoft Surface...

There is a new way to live in the Digital World!!

Microsoft Surface
= The Power
= The Magic
= The Future

just chk it out...

After watching the preview... I really felt that U Just Imagine.... Microsoft will make it Real!!

Hats off to Microsoft!!

~Mahesh Lambe

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feel My Love...

Happy Valentines Day!!

~ Mahiways

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Macro powered by Live.com

Technorati Profile

My Macro:

If you are using IE 7.0, then you can add this url in the browser search box by clicking on “Add to browser search box” on the page. This will add it to the list of search engines in IE.

~Mahesh Lambe

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

WOW !! Windows Vista!!

Vista song sung by sunidhi chouhan ………………..

~Mahesh Lambe

My Toolbar!!

My Toolbar!!


~Mahesh Lambe

Dictionary Menu Item

Hi Friends,

I developed a Dictionary Menu Item.

Dictionary MenuItem

This is Extension to the Internet Explorer ContextMenu.

It will allow the Internet Reader to find out the Dictionary Meaning of any word selected by him/her.

For that purpose, it provides a Addon MenuItem "Means" into the Internet Explorer ContextMenu.

How to use?

Just run the setup!

[After completion of installation]

1. Open Internet Browser.

2. Select a word to find out its meaning.

3. Right click on it, you will get a ContextMenu.

4. Click on the menuitem "Means".

Thats it!!

n You get Alert containg the Dictionary Meaning of that selected word!!

[Support: for IE4.0 and later versions]

Your comments are most welcome!!


Mahesh Lambe